February 22, 2024

THE BRAND-NEW BALLON D’OR-2021 RANKING! HERE’s WHO’s WINNING the AWARD today! Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe

Upgraded ranking of the Ballon d’Or 2021!

And, naturally, we can’t miss out on the most recent score of the “Ballon d’Or 2021” from tribuna.com. Karim Benzema took 10th location, Luis Suarez took 9th location, Bruno Fernandes – 8th, Lukaku – 7th, however Cristiano Ronaldo is just sixth! Ilkay Gundogan opens the leading 5, followed by Erling Haaland! Lionel Messi went up to 3rd location, Mbappe has the 2nd location, and Robert Lewandowski, the very best gamer of in 2015, stays on the very first position! Pals, do you concur with this ranking?

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