December 7, 2023

March is National Nutrition Month! To honor National Nutrition Month, our resourceful diet professional good friends have actually developed a variety of blog sites that will publish throughout the month of March. These blog sites will cover popular nutrition subjects and misconceptions. Examine back frequently to see what brand-new subjects are being blogged about!

Ensuring that you get enough fluids every day is an essential job we must all be practicing. Our bodies are comprised of about 50-60% water1 making fluid consumption essential. The fluid in our bodies aids with nutrient transportation, transferring and excreting metabolic waste, supporting cell shape and structure, lubing friction creating surface areas, and preserving regular body temperature level. 1 The most precise method to compute just how much fluid your body needs everyday is by the following formula:

Take your weight in kgs and increase by 30-35mls. *

You can transform your weight in pounds to kgs by taking your weight in pounds and dividing it by 2.2. This will offer you your approximate weight in kgs.

* This is most precise for grownups over the age of 30.

Another method to identify your fluid requires is by utilizing the popular suggestion of 9-8oz portions of fluids daily for females and 12-8oz serving for guys

Fluids do not need to be simply water, however they must be your primary source. Other alternatives consist of flavored waters, seltzer, coffee, tea, shakes, juice, soup, sherbet, and soda.

While these are basic suggestions you must consult your service provider about just how much fluid you must take in every day. Concerns such as cardiac arrest can identify just how much water you must consume so it is essential to consult your service provider. If you aren’t able to take in the proper quantity of fluids that is another factor to sign in with your service provider and you might discover it valuable to talk to a dietitian.


1.) Nelms MN, Sucher KP. Nutrition Treatment and Pathophysiology 3rd ed. CENGAGE Knowing Custom-made Publishing; 2014

Paige Dietz is a trainee dietetics volunteer at the Penn Abramson Cancer Center. She is presently working towards her 2nd degree in nutrition at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. In 2013, Paige acquired her BBA in marketing at LIM College in New York City, NY. Paige decided to go back to school after understanding her interest in nutrition, and aspiration to have a profession that would make an effect. When Paige is not studying, you can discover her in the kitchen area cooking up nutritionally thick dishes with whatever she can discover in her fridge or taking her pet for walks the city. After school, Paige imagine having a profession as a Registered Dietitian dealing with oncology clients, informing them about nutrition throughout their treatment.