Countdown to 100,000 OncoLife Survivorship Care Strategies: What is a Survivorship Care Strategy?

In April of 2007, OncoLink released the OncoLife Survivorship Care Strategy, a tool to produce care prepare for individuals who have actually made it through cancer. As that tool reaches the turning point of 100,000 care strategies produced, OncoLink’s Handling Editor, Carolyn Vachani, describes what a survivorship care strategy truly is– and is not.

In 2006, The Institute of Medication (IOM) put out a report called From Cancer Client to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Shift This report was the very first to truly shine a light on what life after a cancer medical diagnosis and treatment appears like and the numerous methods the health care system was stopping working these survivors. One piece of the report that got a great deal of attention was the suggestion that all survivors get 2 things at the conclusion of treatment: a treatment summary and a survivorship care strategy (SCP). Throughout the years, the difference in between these has actually ended up being blurred. However make no bones about it, these are 2 clearly various files that are essential in their own method.

What is a treatment summary?

The primary objective of a treatment summary is for you to have a record of the cancer treatments you have actually had. It ought to consist of:

  • Any surgical treatment for the cancer.
  • Radiation treatment (with place and dosage).
  • Any medical treatments such as chemotherapy (consisting of dosages), immune treatment, and hormonal agent treatment.
  • Any other cancer treatments such as interventional radiology treatment.
  • Pathology info and molecular screening outcomes.
  • Preferably, the summary will likewise consist of any issues you had throughout treatment such as responses, toxicities, or treatment hold-ups.

I think about this file as “provider-facing”– indicating it is crucial to doctor– all of them, not simply those in cancer care. This consists of offering a copy of this summary to your medical care company. Do not get me incorrect, you must have this file in your files to be able to supply it to any future doctor or recommendation it if concerns occur. However you likely need to know more, and this is where the SCP is available in to play.

What is a survivorship care strategy?

The IOM had lofty objectives for the SCP– and truly so! They desired this file to be your guide as you move from regular oncology consultations to survivorship and self-advocacy in your health care. The SCP ought to supply:

  • Details about long-lasting and late results of all the treatments you got.
  • Prepare for follow up care.
  • Proper screening for other cancers.
  • Signs to report to your company.
  • Healthy living suggestions.
  • Resources for useful issues like fertility, insurance coverage, work and managing life after cancer.

The SCP is the “patient-facing” file of this set. Consisting of all of this info provides you a resource guide– something you may describe for many years to get some assistance on a present issue. Oncology service providers currently understand this info– however our clients and their caretakers do not. That is what makes an extensive SCP so crucial. We can not anticipate our cancer graduates to promote for their own health care without this info.

In most cases, a survivor’s medical care company does not understand this info either. Who is at threat for heart (heart) concerns, hypothyroidism or bone health issues due to cancer treatment is not leading of mind for a PCP. However an informed client can bring that info to them. This is why OncoLife likewise supplies a “Doctor Summary” variation of the SCP– it is indicated to be provided to your non-oncology service providers as a referral for future requirements.

I hope this treatment summary and SCP 101 provides you some insight into the significance of SCPs in assisting survivors handle the shift to life after cancer. I likewise hope it provides you the push to get one. If you have not gotten an SCP from your company, inquire for one. If they can not supply you one, you can produce oneon OncoLink A treatment summary is handy, however info, education, and suggestions to handle difficulties you might experience after treatment are necessary for your health and wellness.

Carolyn Vachani is an oncology advanced practice nurse and the Handling Editor at OncoLink. She has actually operated in numerous locations of oncology consisting of BMT, medical research study, radiation treatment, and personnel advancement. She works as the job leader in the advancement and upkeep of the OncoLife Survivorship Care Strategy and has a strong interest in oncology survivorship care. She takes pleasure in going over almost any cancer subject, in addition to gardening, cooking and, obviously, her boys.

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